Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Possum

This poor possum (or Opossum) got himself caught between our house and the wood box (the box that holds the wood during the winter so we don't have to walk down into the yard to get more!). He (or she) wasn't that big but he was scary looking.

Now my dumb dog, Molly, will bark at anything. And about 2 years ago we had a rat living in the wood box during the summer months (I named him Templeton - like the rat from Charlotte's Web). So when she started barking at the wood box again, I thought it might be Templeton's brethren in there. (Templeton is long dead ... I think Pat killed him with a shovel!) So I looked behind the wood box.

No rat.

Instead I find a snarling, angry, but small opossum. He was cute but angry. Eventually, I was able to use a shovel to shooo him off the back porch but for a while it was like Jack Hanna's Wildlife Adventure ... but on our porch!

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